The Nintendo Switch is revealed!

Nintendo just revealed the NX which is officially named the Nintendo Switch. It is a handheld console hybrid which goes back to cartridges format for games. You can use it on your tv while it is on a stand which connects it to the wall and tv. Or you can take the main unit out of the stand and add two controller sides to it making it look like a Wii U gamepad that youcan actually take out with you wherever you go. The controller sides have a base that you can put them on when you’re using it like a console, making it a regular controller. A more traditional controller was also shown in the video. It has the Xbox layout for the joysticks and and handles on the sides kind of like the PS4 controller.

Amazingly enough, no touch screen abilities were shown in the video which makes us here at respawn area wonder if the games shown simply did not support it or if it has been taken out completely. Here’s the video: